We are Trebletrainer.co.uk, a small and newly formed company with an exciting vision!

To make all dart players no matter what level they currently play at, the best they can be.

Our products have been specifically designed to improve the focus and concentration and deliver real benefits to enhance darting performance.

The Treble Trainer and Segment Trainer are the idea of an experienced county darts player, a seasoned darts player at many levels. He realised that the market was lacking from a training aid that actually worked and didn’t cost a fortune.

As most dart players realise, practice really does make perfect, to finally have something available to make practice rewarding and enjoyable is just the best news you could have.

The county darts player used his experience and input from friends in top flight darts, to research and develop his idea to make a training aid that was affordable, user friendly and very effective.

We are so happy to be able to offer these amazing products to all fellow dart lovers.

Treble Trainer could be the most amazing gift or investment you could ever have in your darting future!!!