How it all began

It was 10 years ago that the Treble Trainer became an idea sitting in the background of my life.

I had been playing darts successfully since I was very small, playing after school and on weekends and in my dad’s club. I had achieved success in various leagues locally and was called upon to play for my county. Darts was and is my love and passion.

About 10 years ago, though, I noticed that I had lost precision and was struggling to really focus on practice. I was spending hours on my practice board to little effect. I just couldn’t keep my head in the game. I found I was straying into the 5’s and 1’s, missing the accuracy I needed to keep me playing darts at the level I enjoyed.

One evening I read an article that changed everything!!!

Jonny Wilkinson CBE, one of the best rugby union kickers in the world, explained how he ‘did it’, how he became so accurate. How did he kick a rugby ball across a huge expanse with such great precision and accuracy every time?

He explained that he didn’t just look at the posts and kick, in fact, he didn’t look at the posts at all when he kicked that ball. He explained that he zoned into the crowd sitting between the posts, then he zoned in even further to a row of people sitting with the crowd, then again to a specific person within that row. He then focused in even closer onto maybe a green hat or a red jacket that the person might be wearing. He didn’t kick the ball at the posts he aimed that ball at the person in the 4th row, 7th along from the right, wearing the red jacket!!!

Urika moment!!!

Well, that was it, that’s what I needed. I had to be able to focus on the smallest point on the dartboard so that every double or treble seemed a bigger target to hit. By making it smaller, it made it bigger.

All of us dart players know that some doubles and trebles on the board are to be avoided at all costs and so don’t need to be practiced. I needed to focus on the trebles and doubles that every dart player needs to hit as and when required.

Putting all of this together the Treble Trainer was designed to use hand eye co-ordination and muscle memory working together to create accuracy on demand (the Jonny Wilkinson theory)

From that day the Treble Trainer was born. I have worked with many different materials to find a product that is durable, flexible and light and that will not cause any distraction from the aim. During 2 years trading we have had great feedback from players who have found real benefits and fun from practicing with the Treble Trainer!!